Corporate Donation Form

501c3# 87-0474422

Utah Firefighters,

It is time to prepare for your 6th Annual Utah Firefighter Chili Cookoff. This event was a huge success last year and it will be even bigger and better this year. This event brings Fire Departments together for a fun and competitive challenge between departments to raise money for Burn Camp.

Saturday September 29th
11 AM - 4 PM

Last year there were over 13 teams participating. This year we hope to bring 20 to 30 teams competing for the coveted “Battle of the Axe” trophies. They will be awarded to the teams who have been judged for the Best Chili, Best Booth and largest sum of donations. There will be a panel of judges assembled to judge the event, and this year, we have added a “People’s Choice Award” for the best chili as decided by the public.

The feedback we’ve received from last year’s participants has been very positive and that 2018 has been highly anticipated. The most successful teams, last year, were able to obtain donations for recipe ingredients, building materials for the booth, and monetary donation that went towards the total team donation. Don’t hesitate to ask your community businesses to donate in your jurisdiction. We have found they were happy to help their firefighters engage in this great event and to be a part of this amazing charity.

This year it is encouraged that Fire Departments bring corporate sponsors and outside donations so the Burn Camp will continue and to provide the organization with the financial help they need to keep their Camp funded in the years to come.

Feel free to call for help completing your online registration.

  • Must be a registered Utah Fire Department.
  • Check-In and Set up begins Friday September 28th at 5pm at the Shops at South Town. Be ready by 10:30am Saturday September 29th.
  • Each Team must provide their own cooking equipment, ingredients, and items for selling chili.
  • Teams must fill out a Temporary Food Establishment Application by Wednesday, September 5th. The application will be available to download at the registration site. The Temporary Food Establishment permit will be paid for by UDK. This permit is NOT transferable. You must attend the mandatory training class on September 29th prior to the Chili Cook-off event to validate the permit. This permit must be posted in your booth.
  • One person in the booth is required to have a food handler’s card. The Food handler card holder must be present at all times
  • Structure of the Booth. All booths must have:
    • Roof
    • Two full side walls
    • Hard surface for the floor (plywood, concrete, or asphalt)
    • Each booth will need a garbage can with a lid
  • Food Safety Requirements
    • Thermometer 0 degrees to 220 degrees
    • Food must be maintained at the proper temperatures. Below 41 or above 135
    • Food must be reheated to 165
    • Food must be prepared in the food booth this includes all slicing, dicing or chopping.
    • No young children in the booth
    • No live animals in the booth
    • Everything needs to be stored 6 inches off the floor (except coolers).
    • Hand washing Facilities are required at Each Booth
    • Hand washing station must consist of a 5-gallon container with a spigot that provides a continuous flow of water, soap, disposable paper towels, and a 5 gallon bucket to collect the dirty water. UDK will supply the 5-gallon water and 5-gallon bucket.
    • Proper and frequent hand washing
    • No bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods (gloves)
    • Separate money handler
  • Dress Standards
    • Hair restraint/hats
    • Clean clothing/apron
  • Hygiene
    • No smoking or eating in the booth
    • Personal drinks need to be covered with a lid and a straw and separated from food and equipment
    • Personal food needs to be contained and away from food and equipment
    • No sick food handlers
  • Wiping Cloths
    • Need to be stored in sanitizer solution
    • Solution needs to be changed frequently
    • Adequate sanitizer in solution (1 tsp bleach/gal. water) UDK will supply the spray bottle & solution
    • Sanitizer test strips. UDK will supply the strips
    • 2A 10 BC extinguisher
    • No refueling on site.
    • The public is not allowed to help themselves to open food products.
  • A detailed check list will be provided upon registration.
  • There will be a refundable registration fee of $50 once you arrive and we confirm that your here to cook chili. We will hold the money until you arrive and then give it back to you as an incentive to not have a "NO SHOW"
  • New this year if an agency/team has a no show, be prepared to get calls and texts from other departments to feed into the competitive nature of firefighters.
  • Remember this event is to raise money for Burn Camp, to have fun and make some good chili.