Team Cook Off Registration

12th Annual Utah Firefighter Chili Cook-off.

Saturday, October 26th, 11am – 3pm

Rules to know before you register:

    • Must be a registered Utah Fire Department or affiliated organization.
    • Check in and Set up begins Friday October 25th at 5pm at the Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy. Teams must be ready to serve chili by 10:30 am Saturday October 26th
    • Each team must provide their own tables, booths, cooking equipment, and all  ingredients for their chili.
    • Teams must fill out a Temporary Food Establishment Application by Wednesday September 8th. The application can be found here.
      • The Temporary Food Establishment permit will be paid for by our event sponsor. 
      • This permit must be posted in your booth.
      • The team captain for each team must attend the mandatory SLC Health Department meeting on October 26th the morning of the Chili Cook Off.
    • One person in the booth is required to have a food handler’s card. The Food handler card holder must be present at all times
    • Structure of the Booth. All booths must have:
      • Roof
      • Two full side walls
      • A 10′ x 10′ space will be provided for you. Please contact Keri Jones (801) 201-7266 if you need additional space.
    • Food Safety Requirements
      • Food must be maintained at the proper temperatures. Below 41 or above 135
      • Food must be prepared in the food booth this includes all slicing, dicing or chopping.
      • No young children or live animals in the booth
      • Food must be stored six inches off the floor (except coolers).
      • Hand washing stations will be provided to you, however you will need to have a table for us to set this on. 
      • Proper and frequent hand washing will be required
      • No bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods (gloves must be worn)
      • Separate money/ticket handler required for each booth
      • Food must be served by your team. General public cannot help themselves.
    • Dress Standards
      • Hair restraint/hats
      • Clean clothing/apron
    • Hygiene
      • No smoking or eating in the booth
      • Personal drinks need to be covered with a lid and a straw and separated from food and equipment
      • Personal food needs to be contained and away from food and equipment
      • No sick food handlers
    • Other items you will need to bring: 
      • Food grade Thermometer 0 degrees to 220 degree
      • 2A 10 BC extinguisher

Fire Department Registration

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